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About Me

Hello, I'm Cynthia, the founder and CEO of Shades of Blue Real Estate LLC. Growing up in North Alabama with my parents, who were hardworking agriculturists, I developed a deep appreciation for owning and improving land. Back then, owning land was a significant challenge for many, which is why my mission and passion have driven me to help others understand that real estate can be a highly lucrative investment strategy.

As a highly experienced and dedicated real estate broker with over three decades of industry knowledge, I have worked with some of the largest franchise brands in the United States. I have spent extensive time studying and perfecting real estate market strategies, honing my negotiation skills for commissions and contracts. With a remarkable success rate of 98% closed transactions, I consistently achieve the highest market value and net proceeds, exceeding my client's expectations.

Beyond my professional accomplishments, I actively contribute to various organizations and causes. I am a proud member of the Professional Football Players Mothers Association and have served on the City of Madison, Alabama Beautification Board. Additionally, I have dedicated my time to Habitat for Humanity, a cause close to my heart. In my free time, I indulge in reading, music, writing poetry, gardening, interior design, and cherishing moments with my beautiful family.